Privacy policy

Privacy policy

The privacy policy was set on April 1, 2005.
Higo Labor Management Consulting

Higo Labor Management Consulting (hereinafter referred to as "this office"), as a group of certified social insurance and labor consultants, find it very important to protect private information. We recognize importance of the personal information protection and try for the protection of the personal information based on the following policies.

 1. Collection of private information

  1. This office acquires personal information by legality and fair means.

 2. Use of private information

  1. This office uses collected private information only with a specific purpose or to the extent of conducting necessary duties.
  2. This office uses the provided private information only for the conduction of business by certified social insurance and labor consultants and never uses the private information for any other purposes.

 3. Sharing of private information

  1. This office never discloses private information to third parties without obtaining the consent in advance from the person in which it belongs.

 4. Managing private information

  1. This office maintains the accuracy of all private information and manages it with utmost safety.
  2. This office utilizes all available security measures to prevent unlawful computer access and computer viruses in order to avoid losing, damaging, falsifying or leaking of information.
  3. This office manages and maintains the private information, data, etc. in accordance with the Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Law.
  4. This office never assigns certified social insurance and labor consultant duties to third parties.

 5. Releasing, revising, abandoning or deleting of private information and data

  1. This office promptly releases, revises, abandons or deletes private information without any objections when requested by the owner of the private information.

 6. Putting in place internal rules and systems

  1. This office appoints its staff members as Private Information Protection Officers to manage private information.
  2. This office provides the staff members with in-service training on managing private information and requires each member to handle private information with utmost security.

 7. Drawing up, practicing, maintaining and improving private information protection compliance program

  1. This office established the private information protection compliance program which includes "private information protection rules" and other related policies. Staff members and any other person related to this office are fully aware of the importance of the program and strictly adhere to the rules and regulations. The program is maintained and continuously improved whenever necessary.



Privacy policy