Internal Control
(1) Corporate Compliance System
(2) Information Management System
(3) Risk Management System


Basic policy for our own management systems
We, as a group of well-experienced specialists in personnel and labor management, are always aware of our social responsibilities. We pride ourselves in conducting our business with integrity and strive to continuously improve our internal systems while maintaining flexibility to accommodate the external environment and internal circumstances that are continuously changing. Therefore, we set up the following systems and placed them into practice to better our performance.

(1) Corporate Compliance System
  • With the importance to strictly comply with the laws, our rules, regulations and corporate ethics, we established our own practical corporate compliance system in order to conduct our business in a responsible manner.
  • If a compliance violation is discovered, we will immediately investigate the nature of the problem and take appropriate disciplinary action. We will assess the effectiveness of the compliance activities in order to avoid the reoccurrence of violations. Furthermore, we will disclose any information regarding the problem to the public by request in a timely manner.


(2) Information Management System
  • Management of information is critical for our specialized business of personnel and labor management. The information generated from our information management system provides essential and prudent components to the conduction of our business; therefore, we use the utmost care in dealing with the information.
  • We strive to continuously improve the security in our information management not only in our office, but also in each of our other locations.
  • We properly create, manage and dispose of sensitive material, such as account books, by strictly following our own Documentation Management Policy and all related laws. This includes the timeliness of disposing the information.
  • Confidential documentation is maintained, managed and disposed by adhering to our Corporate Confidentiality Management Rules with the management standard, which classifies the degree of confidentiality of each document.
  • We handle personal information by strictly following all the related laws and our Personal Confidentiality Protection Policy.


(3) Risk Management System
  • With continuous amendments to laws and the progression of information technology, the risks for personnel and labor management are more diversified and complicated. It is our priority to minimize the risks by adopting concrete measures to identify the nature of each of the possible risks so we can prevent them from occurring.





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