Internal Control

Higo Labor Management Consulting was founded in April 1958.

In April 1967, we established the Labor Insurance Affairs Association with the approval from the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

In April 1972, we developed a computer system exclusive for certified social insurance and labor consultants that manages salaries, bonuses and the year-end tax adjustments.

In January 1974, we designed the Labor Insurance Yearly Update System.

In July 1978, we developed the Social Insurance (Health insurance and pension) System.

In October 1980, we created and implemented the Retirement Allowance Planning System.

We developed the "Moral Survey Service" based on Herzberg's theory in April 1981.

In November 1982, we signed an agent agreement with Dainippon Tokyo Fire and Marine Insurance Co., Ltd. (presently Aioi Insurance C., Ltd.).

In April 1987, the first president of Higo Labor Management Consulting stepped down and Katsushi Higo assumed office as the president.

In October 1995, we founded the Journalizing and Financial Affairs PC DATA Distribution Service, which totals up salary and bonus payments.

As a labor management service provider, we clarified our service concepts and defined ourselves as a gSpecialized Outsourcerh in October 1998.

In September 1999, we signed an agent agreement with Nippon Life Insurance Company (NISSAY).

Our labor management information electronic magazine titled "HIGONEWS" debuted on the Internet in January 2000.

In April 2005, we established and implemented our Internal Management Policy and our Privacy Policy.

In April 2006, we relocated our office to Crystal Park Building in Gotenyama, Musashino-City.

In October 2007, we took part in the administration of the Sharomu House (Mobile ASP Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultants Office).

In July 2008, we opened our satellite office on the 12th floor of Iseya Kichijoji Building.

In March 2009, we started "Net de Details" (Detailed statement delivery on the Web) service.

In March 2009, we started "Net de Operation" (Management at starting work time on the Web) service.

In July 2010, we started "Net de Personnel" (Personnel information system database on the Web) service.

In September 2010, we started "Net de Regulations" (Employment regulations delivery on the Web) service.

Higo Labor Management Consulting was incorporated in April 2014.

In June 2014, Shunsuke Hirai assumed office as the representative partner.We join General Management Service Certified Public Tax Accountants' Corporation group.

We moved our office to Medi corp Building 8 603, 2-4-14 Kichijoji honcho, Musashino-City, Tokyo, 180-0004 Japan



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